For Sale

Sunday 7 January 2018 There will be a sale of 40 youngsters out my best breeding pigeons and oa from my best racing pigeons begin on Toppigeons From these couples offer there will be some!!!

  • Red Dawn x top pigeon the Veense blue 10th as Devgan pipa ranking 2017 about 3 flights and in 2016 74e
  • Red Dawn x are mother daughter John III
  • Jacob x the Red Diamandje
  • Super Top x Maud ( son x daughter black gold ) inbreeding
  • Red thunder x daughter Milos x Red Rose Verweij de Haan
  • Benjamin x inbred Red Kali Jan Theelen
  • The Vale
  • Rosco
  • The Scam x Maud ( daughter black gold )

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