Periqueux 2017

Periqueux 24 June 2017

On Tuesday 22 June there are 8 pigeons basketed for the 3rd overnight flight. This team consists of 3 couples on nest and 1 torque in widowhood

916 km discharge time:14.00 hours
Wind direction: ZW Temp: 22 º C

Registration's list drawn.

Arrival times:

Red Dawn winner Periqueux sector 3 7.102 pigeons

Having regard to the Southwest wind on the day of discharge early aankosten were expected. Saturday morning I was already asked from the springs and saw the first reports of Ruffex in sector 4. At half past 4 quickly to the outside and the outdoor lighting to done and all copied one or there already somewhere a dove sat, But not no pigeon found in the loft or roof of the House After waiting half an hour I heard what flutter and saw in a shadow of the light that it was a red pigeon. After a brief turn to the Loft fell Red Dawn to 04.12 right in front of me on 2 metres away on the tip of the valve ( but have not found ).What to do now?. Take it easy I'm gone in the Loft, the valve moved up and done the interior lighting. Then he ran after once calling redemptive beep sounded over the antenna and to 04.12 of the clock. That it was an early Dove was sure though that the post would be the winner of the whole sector 3 I did not expect. Red Dawn is a son of super breeder Red Jacobs x daughter John III. All in all, it is quite an experience to see come home in the dark pigeons. More info on this flight can be found via the link report on the site

Rash NPO Afd 9

1e 52e 100e 241e 324e 414e against 2442 pigeons (6/8)

Rash Sector 3 National

1e 196e 345e 740e 926e 1172e against 7.102 pigeons (6/8)

It was nice to hear that h. Doldersum & Zn from westerhaar a 8e NPO play with a 100% Zaidi ( grandchild of Silver star and "The Scam”)

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