Brive Saturday 31 may 2014

On Tuesday 27 may, a 26 pigeons basketed for the first overnight flight this year. This team consists of only old birds. Most of these are 2 year as the test material and the Barcelona team to run to hot. All of them are with it on a nest State of 4 t/m 16 days brooding , supplemented by 1 widow hen

894 km discharge time:14.00 hours
Wind direction: NW Temp: 18 º C

Registration's list drawn:

  1. 10-1200442 Rooie Annie with oa already a 2nd,6e 14th NPO granddaughter Red Jacobs
  2. 10-1200440 Daughter of The Scam x 09-955 (inbred black gold Jelle Jellema x inbred 1336) in 2013 3 x 3rd on the Loft
  3. Red Laidy 12-1164240 daughter Red Jacobs 4e Npo Bergerac against 3737 9th National against pigeons. 10327 pigeons
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