2002 Fondkrant

Fondtalent is here

Harold Zwiers, Den Ham, to national Fondtop

For the Fondkrant we go this time to the North of Overijssel either to the region with Flypast in Department 9: Den Ham. The residence of Harold Zaidi, only 33 year and already 20 year with racing pigeons. Den Ham, located between Zwolle and Hardenberg; an area where space is more the rule than the exception. Harold lives with his wife on the same plot of land where his family home has been. The farmhouse was demolished and in its place are two modern houses and risen, of which he and his wife one of them inhabits. "never went away so", you could say. From an early age always spent with pigeons.

Relaunch in 1997.
Since 1997 has Harold here about a new loft. In 1998 was on this pen for the first time with the competitions started. This loft is 13 metres long and 2 meters deep, divided into 5 departments. 2 sections for the widowers of 2 x 2.40 m. Then 2 m for the widow hens; the rest of the Loft is intended for nest game (2 x 8 baking). This year, for the first time the youngsters are placed in an outside run. The aluminum outside run for the youngsters is to 3 sides all the way open and measure 3.60 at 2 metres. An open race with back wall for about 50 youngsters. On the beautiful loft with high hood and solid ventilation was the game in the long distance properly addressed. Last year 56 racing pigeons ( 24 widowers, widow hens and 8 nest hens).

Played in the Viewer
He practises his beloved overnight-Federation as a member of the friends National Competitions (VNCC), a 900 -member club of long distance fanciers in the Department 9. Since the building of the new loft is the line of clearly increasing performance.

In recent years Championships
6e multi-day long-distance champion Section 9; 2400 Members
13e and the 12e appointed champion VNCC. (900 Members)
Also 1e Brive by 537duiven Circle 1 Department 9 with the 98-2047038 (600-line Wim Derksen) Teletext entry NPO.
18e UN-appointed champion VNCC
9e UN-appointed champion VNCC; 12e preferred
2e UN-appointed VNCC (900 Members); 3e VNCC designated and 5e; 11e; 19e; 22e; 35e ACE pigeon VNCC.

System Zaidi.
Harold grew last year 29 youngsters. The breeders were boy bred and only responded to the late races (3 flights). No young bird was lost.
The yearlings : respond to all vitesse flights and Then one a single middle distance race overnachtfondvlucht (Brive, Bergerac and Limoges) Bring the yearlings just before the season one young great. Last year was only bred from the breeders. Now linked last weekend of February (22 February). The older widower and widow hens go on dry widowhood, d. w. z. After 10 days brooding directly on widowhood. The nesting hens are linked so late, that they are on a young at 6 days are if they are basketted on the first overnight flight
Harold plays with 24 widowers and plays with some old hens on nest.
Good widowers have fixed hens.

5e ACE pigeon VNCC 2002
The 5e ACE pigeon 99 — 1688810 is the so-called "Pearl cock", son of Harolds Pearl hen from the line of the Pearl of the roads.
Father is the 95-1199387 (The Late Tame), father of the 12e NPO Brive 1998, a powerful breeder o. (a). 1e-4e-4e-9e Brive in the Association. 3e Ruffec. 4e Limoges, 4e and 8e Mont de Marsan etc. (Comes in turn from the 94-2295995, directly Anton ruitenberg is grandson of the famous 508 by Jan Theelen. X 95-1156343 also directly Anton ruitenberg (of the roads) from the line of the Pearl, The Blue 95, Sister Lichtoger and "t Light.
810 is the mother of the ' 95-1156389, directly Anton ruitenberg. She is a granddaughter to the Pearl (78-7876458) of the roads. Comes from the Grandson of Barcelona of the roads with the young Pearl of the Roads. The performance of this 5e ACE pigeon VNCC 2002 looks like this:

Rufec 851 km 83e by 3803 pigeons (Circle 1 by Department 9)
Brive 894 km 476e by 3174 pigeons
Brive 24e by 633 pigeons (Circle 1) In VNCC: 122e by 2909 pigeons.
Mont de Marsan (1086 km) 48e VNCC 891 pigeons and the 330e National 6872 pigeons
Bergerac missed.
Vncc St. Vincent 1141 km 157e by 1471 pigeons
1126e National of the 9185 pigeons.
VNCC Mont de Marsan 1086 km 147e by 1238 pigeons
1208e National of the 7425 pigeons
Bergerac 956 km 206e (Circle) 3953 pigeons
VNCC 341e by 3625 pigeons
National 2330 by 20131 pigeons
Limoges 4e by 206 (registration's Centre Vriezenveen)
16e VNCC of 1240 pigeons.
And with it came in 2002 the title of 5e ACE pigeon VNCC

98-2047032 (half-sister Pearl hen) Mother is again the 95-1156389.
Limoges 2e by 270 pigeons
22e by 1328 pigeons
St. Vincent 11e by 1471 pigeons
61e by 9185 pigeons
Bergerac 37e by 259 pigeons
193e 1269 pigeons
658e by 3953 (Circle) National and VNCC wrong
Limoges 2e by 206 (Registration Center)
3e by 1240 (VNCC)

Father is the 95-1156360 Anton ruitenberg directly one of the Roads x babes from the line of the Pearl and and is also grandson of the Witbuik vaishnav.
Mother is the 95-1156766 (lost) By Anton ruitenberg of the roads is granddaughter of Benjamin, the last son of the Barcelona (65-2023863) Both from her father's side as mothers side is the Barcelona as ancestor.
1998 Ruffec 42e by 240 far.
Bergerac 14e by 159
119e by 826 (CC)
548e 3225 (circle)
3860e by 20643 (National)
St. Vincent 58e 1725 pigeons (vncc0
410e national against 9729 pigeons
Dax 113e by 924 VNCC
819e National 6397
Bergerac 58e by 3580 Circle
65e by 2944 VNCC)
394e by 18871 pigeons National
St. Vincent 7e by 1512 in VNCC
50e by 8896 National
Dax wrong
2001 St. Vincent missed I got not in order and no more played.
St. Vincent 212e by 1471 VNCC
2146e by 9185 National
Mont de Marsan 40e by 1238 pigeons VNCC
339e by 7425 d. National.
Bergerac 71e in the post by 3953 pigeons
135e by 3625 pigeons in VNCC
849e 20131 National.

Family building
On 12 air sport age joined Vroomshoop. As a Club member his game of on the program-level level. In 1998 on this new loft started and are full focused on the long distance. In 1994 on a auction in Zwolle purchased the first ruitenberg pigeons (Tahir and of the roads) two pieces. In 1995 Once again 12 young pigeons at A. Ruitenberg. Grown together with Gerard Schulte (Vroomshoop) Gerard took the Brinkman pigeons and Wim Derksen (600-line) Eventually 8 breeding pairs left over. Ruitenberg, Brinkman, Jan Theelen and 600-line Wim Derksen. Then the private old kind with which Harold as jeugdliefhebebr begun this toegevoetd. This private old kind dates back of the coat rack couple of John R. via Herman Dabiri from Vroomshoop. An example of successful fly with this species is Mans Hager from Den Ham. He took out at Harold a hen of this coat rack kind and grew the ACE pigeon 97-2359407. A cock that Villar knew, witness the,following Palmares:

1998- Munchen 2006 164e in VNCC
1999-ST. Vincent national S3 315e by 97229 pigeons
2000 St. Vincent 737e by 8896
Dax 77e by 5043 pigeons
Bergerac 1144e by 18053 pigeons
Munchen 169e by 2570 also 1st ACE pigeon VNCC with more than 4.500 kilometers price in
whole 2000.
2001 Mont de Marsan 270e by 6872 pigeons
2002 St. Vincent 1781e by 9185 pigeons
Mont de Marsan 882e by 7425 pigeons
Munchen 83e by 2403 pigeons.

From the 600-line of Wim Derksen come especially the better ones for the ZLU-vluc messages (Bordeaux)

Example is the 98-2047325. This cock(600-line) There is no more, but played a national top position from Bordeaux: 72e National Borcdeaux of about 2000 pigeons . The 99-5911247 (600-line also Wim Derksen) played Ruffec 54e by 3803 pigeons; Limoges 224e by 1328 pigeons VNCC; Bordeaux 18e by 845 pigeons vncc; 64e by 1890 Pigeon Fondunie 2000. Munchen 46e national of the 2403 pigeons. Also the ' 621 of Wim Derksen has Harold a cock(98-5828517) already a few years in a row was turned from Bordeaux and Munchen.

Medical supervision.

In december a paratyphus Spa. Para stop by Van der Westhuizen of 14 days. Of course the hard edge against paramyxo. (January) No yellow under link Spa, but 4 to 5 weeks for St. Vincent the pigeons will be cured with BS from Van der Westhuizen during 6 days. When they return home 2 to 3 days BS. Also a few times WN (White noses of Van der Westhuizen) a day or 6 to 7 before basketing during 1 to 2 days. It is located on the condition of the pigeons at that time. A weekly tea (especially during the winter period)by Beyers, even if feed is Beyers worked. (Sport Soya). Weekly garlic and Brewer's yeast in winter, also in summer day.

"In fact I know in early spring with all which pigeons go to a certain large national race, but it depends on the condition of the time wondering if they go "daadwerkeijk, Thus Harold. Friday before basketing begins boosting the pigeons. By default, barley and super diet and later supplemented with sports soyja and candy case (from Friday) So on Tuesday (day of basketing) the enter b only filled with Sport soya and candy seeds. It must be so, that on Tuesday the corn continues to lie, otherwise they are insufficiently performed. The widowers get their hen not showing. Any hens are later (starting from Saturday / Sunday) stepped up and also get their cock not showing. This year is also a single nest hen.. Be on boy of about 6 days and get the same feed as the widowers basketed. A week before the big flights the pigeons will be patched to Arnhem or Den Bosch., usually Friday afternoons. At thuskomst getting the flights the pigeons are given Belgasol administered. Of course, the duivn will be shown or cock. Lightly lined and later stepped up again until they have recovered. Then they come back on barley and super diet to the next flight itself arises. Mentioned, it should be, that basically the cocks be conducted separately in the bins, so they can be dealt with separately, depending on the situation with regard to the flights.

Last year, the wedwunaars about 20 April linked. The old widowers were on 10 days put eggs and then in widowhood.


With the following performance earned Harold the 2e Championship in the VNCC. The first of the clock counts here for points:

Limoges 832 km number of pigeons 1240 and 28 with it: 3e (1Ste comic 98-2047032, daughter of the Pearl hen)-16 (5e ACE pigeon)-29-38-78-85-101-103-104-123-143-220-256

Bordeaux 997km 845 pigeons 9 with it: 18e (99-5911247, 600-line)-37 (600-line)-46-75-178.

St. Vincent 1141 km 1471 pigeons 11e (98-2047032)

Brive 894 km 3489 pigeons :90e (00-1312712)

Mont de Marsan 1086 km 1238 pigeons: 21e (00-1312711) (Deep x Brinkman)

12 with it: 21-40-47-105-113-147-161.

Munchen 595 km 1626: 35e (99-5911247)

Bergerac: 956 km 3625: 135e (97-2358801)

Harold Zaidi from Den Ham has proven past seasons, that the long distance blood in him and his pigeons by the veins. The performance is there evidence of. The future will show, that will continue as a success in increasing. Harold, good luck and thanks for your hospitality.

Jan Gan


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