2009 VNCC Kampioen

Harold Zwiers, Den Ham
General champion VNCC o. (a). 2009 AFD. 9 (850 Members)

At the very end of the new season, I paid a visit to Harold Zaidi (40) in Den Ham on the border of the Department 9 and 10. The reason of the visit is the Championship in 2009 the VNCC, the popular long distance Club of the national competitions in the Department 9. For years plays Harold "in front" in this club and in recent years, he played more than once in the top 10 of the overall and single discipline results. Also a flight victory is not strange; in 2008 He played a 1Ste VNCC, also 5e National S3 of Montauban. The title of General champion VNCC 2009 is in fact a confirmation of the qualities of this still young lover with a huge passion for the Grand distance.

Internet and youth

Now is Harold with his 40 years no "youth" more, but he belongs in any case to the youngsters under the pigeon fanciers. Characteristic of the youth is, that the concept of "internet" completely established is. Also Harold is to find daily behind the screen and scans the internet. Also a frequent visitor of the pigeon forum by Hum. He has by this medium a lot of contact with fellow pigeon men who also on "the net" to find. They also create in this way to conveniently mutual contacts between lovers. In this way, there are occasional doves exchanged. You can hear it quite often, that, If you know to perform at national level and you in one way or another "in the picture" know to play, also easier to submit your contacts know. "Doors will open for you". Similarly for Harold who by his performance and the "internet" many contacts with national toppers.

General Champion VNCC

In terms of the General champion is accounting very "simple": the first pigeon from the clock counts as only for points. In other words: If you but, that you with one Dove at the top of the results, then you're the man, or rather: "The General Champion". But it's as simple as not. Harold is the last years very close to. Almost 10 years ago (2001) 9e onaangewenzen and 12e preferred; 2002 It became 2e UN-appointed champion 3e designated champion and also the 5e ACE pigeon; In 2003: 15e UN-appointed champion and 5e preferred; in 2004: 12e UN-appointed champion ; in 2005: 9e UN-appointed champion and 5e preferred; in 2006: 2e UN-appointed champion and 1e appointed champion. Also a 1e in VNCC of Montauban. In 2007: 2e UN-appointed champion, but also a 1e VNCC of Limoges ; In 2008 It became a 4e UN-appointed champion. In short:It had to happen once, that the top place of honor should be accessed. In season 2009 what it so far: 1Ste General Champion of the VNCC.

Limoges, 824 km, 3063 pigeons, 35 with it and 17 prices: 9-22-50-76-79-133-151-161-192-270-281-302-514-561-648-690-758.

Montauban 994 km, 1261 pigeons, 19 with it and 10 prices: 3 (Hector)-47-93-112-140-148-161-286-297-298.

Périgueux 914 km, 3910 pigeons, 30 with it and 11 prices: 81-95-109-161-223-424-437-481-751-813-916.

Vincent 1139 km, 1386 pigeons, 14 with it and 2 prices: 20 ((Hector)-298.

Bordeaux 989 km, 1609 pigeons, 17 with it 5 prices: 5 (Hector)-25-73-173-335.

Bergerac 905 km, 3598 pigeons, 27 with it and 14 prices: 61-87-96-112-152-191-213-252-443-505-652-736-844-893.

Frankfurt a/d Oder 533 km, 27with it and 7 prices: 11-22-45-58-332-380-404.

Phenomenon "Hector"

From the above series can clearly be drawn up, that "Hector" (03-1828451) the most important share in the General Championship. This cock pulled out on three flights a 3e, 5e and 20e place and with it the title of 3e ACE pigeon VNCC. A "phenomenon", because on the 18 overnight races he won no less than 17 prices: In 2004 1x price ; in 2005 were the 2 prices; in 2006 He obtained 4 prices; in 2007 4x price; 2008 3x price; in 2009 3x price.

His hen, Rooie Sien, was 5e ACE pigeon in VNCC; a full sister to this hen (Rooie Mien) was 10e ACE pigeon VNCC. These two hens come from "Greta", a hen from the loft of 2003, which also 15 prices on hair did. They stood at the time against a son from the Super breeding couple the 1336 Diana x.

The "main character", Hector, either 03-1828451, comes from the 98-5828517 (Brinkman x daughter "621" by Wim Derksen, Almelo) This ' 621 "hen won a 1Ste National San Sebastian S 3 in 1994.) The mother of Hector is 99-5911247 from a half-brother of the "600" by Wim Derksen with a Brinkman hen.


Harold gets everything from his pigeons; all pigeons in the Loft (with the exception of the breeders) should start to appear. Cocks and hens on nest, but also cocks and hens in widowhood. Also the youngsters go all flights with it, also on the flights that go beyond 300 km. He had last season (2009) 24 couples total widowhood and 16 nesting pairs. In principle, all couples basketed, both widowhood as nest concerns.

Last winter once dwelt there 123 pigeons in the Loft. Such a 55 pigeons were there linked on 2 January j. l and currently counts the young pigeon loft around the 70 youngsters who in fact have a "covered ren" : plenty of air, plenty of health. Not all couples is grown: eggs from the best pigeons are laid under the yearlings. And there are nursing couples who take over the care of the best pigeons. In fact bring only the breeders (16 couples) and nursing couples the youngsters large

Medical short and to the point

If I have with Harold on the preparation on the flights, in particular, m. b. t. the medical aspect, he is short and to the point: "My yearlings have in their entire life had still no Yellow Spa. In fact, my pigeons a yellow Spa such a 3 to 4 weeks before the first overnachtfondvlucht. I give my pigeons really only something, When they are sick. It may sound weird, but it is so. I try my pigeons to keep as close as possible to the nature. Over-exercising, perform well and try to get the form by the training in it ", Thus Harold. "For me starts from 1 may adjust the real season. Everything is elegant trimmed. The vacuum cleaner every day in the Loft; also the part under the hood is fully cleaned. Starting from 1 may you can walk on your socks by the Loft: everything. I start around 5.00 o'clock in the morning, then after work I am also quite a few hours trying to get the pigeons to take care. Then it starts also prepare the pigeons: everything is going along with the first flights. Starting from 20 April also start the Duffel-flights (to go on Tuesday, and dissolve Wednesday). It happens then that the pigeons sometimes 3 x 200 kilometers in one week of vote ".

As Harold used a mixture of M, Matador and Babu, supplemented by Tovo,Candy seeds and peanuts, Sunflower seed and hemp for stepping up to the flight. And if then the season once under way and the flights have started, then it goes on Saturday before basketing (weather permitting) to 4.00 u.de alarm clock and is to 5.30 hours in the direction of Rosmalen driven (120 km) to the pigeons there for a training to solve. If Frankfurt a/d Oder on the program, you will be trained from Osnabrück. All this in addition to the daily training of 2 x 1 ½ hour.


As everyone can read is a champion not just someone that appears at the top of the list and a Cup in accept. Before that is, is there a lot to advance: a lot of hours with attention for the pigeons. Actually we can say: 4 months in which everything pigeon is when the clock strikes. Either: "You are not just champion". For that matter all champions earn respect! She deserved it.

Jan Gan

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