2010 – Report General Champion VNCC

Harold Zwiers, Den Ham (OV), Inimitable!
General champion o. (a). VNCC (div 9) 2009 and 2010.

Department 9 (East Netherlands) knows as Fondclub the VNCC with 800 Members; a household name in East Netherlands and characterized by a great popularity within the Department. The VNCC (derived from VNC and NCC) knew one more time, that there are members from the departments 8, 10 and 11 Member may be. With the introduction of the "Unique work areas" came to an abrupt end this.
In all those years, the Championship of this club a very simple calculation: the first pigeon off the clock was the pigeon that the points for the boss took home regardless of the number of pigeons that the lover inkorfde. Now there are voices on to change this. On the agenda of the meeting of this spring is proposed to by the Board according to the refined NPO-system (1:10) to go flying. Anyway: VNCC is a club with a rich history that sports has produced many national winners.

Harold Zwiers, Den Ham.the pigeons have been busy.

The protagonist of this reportage is Harold Zaidi (41); He campaigned again just over 10 year in the arena of the Grand distance. His loft is in the middle of the spacious landscape of the Twente region in the yard where once the parental farm has stood and where, together with Gerda lives
The measure of the level of performance on a long distance loft form the VNCC and national level.
His Championships in VNCC: 1999-13e; 2000-18e;2001-9e;2002-2e (also 5e ACE pigeon); 2003-15e (also 2e ACE pigeon);2004-12e; 2005-9e; 2006-2e; 2007-2e; 2008-4e; 2009-1e(also 3e and 5e ACE pigeon); 2010-1e. At the same time he achieved 3 victories: 2006-1e Mont de Marsan; 2007-1e Limoges;2008-1e Montauban are the proof, that the quality be fine is.
Anyway: In 2009 and 2010 was Harold Zaidi the man to beat. A great performance to two years in a row during the first Saturday evening of november the laurel wreath to get hung. Finish in the top ten of the champions of the VNCC is in itself a magnificent performance.

Resultaten 2010

When I ask what was the most beautiful victory: that of 2009 or that of 2010 then direct his answer: "That of 2009". For several reasons: For the first time such a title is a reward of years somewhere to grow and then you to on the highest step of the stage. How crazy it sounds: "About 2010 I'm not so very satisfied; I got the pigeons not good in shape; the real good results, with a few exceptions, There were not. Cause of this is the flight from Péronne by 8 may 2010, 3 ½ week for the first race from Brive. I had at Péronne 80 pigeons and at the end of the day I had only 40 At home. It was messing around with the "form" on the Loft. "To make matters worse I hit 9 may 70 young pigeons from the Loft lost; in the evening there were 15 on the Loft. All in all a dramatic start to the season. After I started all over again with calm Péronne to compose the music of the pigeons; no more midfondvluchten flown but shortly after each other a number of short test races, starting with Rosmalen (120 km) and then a few test races mid-week, so that the pigeons anyway 600 km behind the wings had before the start of the long distance season. Eventually, there were 16 couples nest pigeons and 24 couples total widowhood ready for take off. But the feeling of: "Yes!! We can "is not been there.
The VNCC follows the national competitions, supplemented by 3 young pigeon flights (with of course a private Championship)

Brive (894 km) 2948 pigeons and 26 old birds and 10 yearlings with it:
16-36-87- etc. (10 prices, No yearlings).
St. Vincent (1139 km) 1311 pigeons and 10 old pigeons (3 years and older):
28-285-298 (3 prices)
Périgueux (916 km) 3266 pigeons and 13 old birds and 28 yearlings with it:
12-20-114-264-289-etc ( (16 prices, including 7 yearlings)
Cahors (996 km) 1209 pigeons and 12 old pigeons:
3-5-66-86 (4 prices)
Bordeaux (990 km) 1517 pigeons 11 old birds and 17 yearlings with it:
7-10-16-98-124-142-269- etc. (12 prices, including 7 yearlings)
Cahors 2 (96 km) 2583 pigeons 9 old birds and 2 yearlings with it:
79-81-189-197 etc, (7 prices, including 1 yearling)
Orange (morning discharge) (936 km) 1372 pigeons and 18 old and 17 yearlings with it:
13-30-31-34-50-57-79-85-etc (19 prices, including 9 yearlings)


Patience is a clean virtue (certainly in the pigeon sport). Harold is all over 10 years to form a tribe, the pigeons which can compete with the best. Of course a little luck also a requirement to come to such a tribe. We can now with certainty that Harold has a collection of pigeons on his loft now, whose descendants speak regularly with themselves at the top level.
Most engaging performance of children and grandchildren from "1336" x "Diana"

The hen "Diana" was in the autumn of 2002 purchased with the goal of making this on the 1336 (a phenomenal breeder) and indeed this gave together with this super cock the great racing pigeons such as:
Limoosje ; Silver star ;Red Jacobs ;Rosco

This couple is also the basis of almost the whole loft file in Den Ham. Also were the last sons & daughters of this torque on the breeding loft posted:
Yolante,The Vale,Celine andBenjamin.

Also the offspring of this couple is just super. Here are some top markings of the descendants.

Silver star (daughter from 1336 Diana x) or descendants: : 1e -1721 Limoges 2007; 9e -1289 Limoges 2006; 9e -3063 Limoges 2009 ; 23e -2954 Limoges 2008 50e -3063 Limoges 2009
Limoosje (daughter from 1336 Diana x) or descendants ": 50e -3063 Limoges 2009 ; 1e -812 Mont De Marsan 2006; 2e -1384 Limoges 2005; 4e – 1468 Limoges 2004; 5e -1209 Cahors 2010; 6e – 3926 Periqueux 2008; 10e – 1517 Bordeaux 2010; 12e – 3266 Periqueux 2010
Red Jacobs or descendants: 24e – 2954 Limoges 2008; 16e – 1517 Bordeaux 2010 ; 32e -3926 Periqueux 2008; 36e – 2948 Brive 2010; 79e – 3063 Limoges 2009 ; 7e -1517 Bordeaux 2010; 40e – 2954 Limoges 2008

So up to now fall to more than 70 prices in the top 80 the VNCC and NPO-results.

This list of price pigeons will be greatly expanded in the coming years!

Best pigeon 2010
The Topper of 2010 was the "Red Thunder”. Red Thunder is a son of Red Jacobs x De Tarbes (Red Jacobs comes back from 1336 Diana x) hen. De Tarbes hen is a granddaughter to the Pearl duller and came on Tarbes 2007 in the evening dusk to 22.23 at a distance of 1136 Km. The Red Thunder scored as a yearling 2 on 2. And if 2 year old 3 on 3 With.
7e-1517 Bordeaux 10 Vncc/Npo
12e-3266 Periqueux 10 Vncc/Npo
36e-2948 Brive 10 Vncc/Npo

This cock can invite would be high in the League as the cock WHZB would be logged on, but for some reason, I managed not to pass the data digitally.

Internet adds new dimension.
Also internet has contributed much to the perception of the pigeon sport. A lot of contacts between pigeon fanciers "all over the World" are thanks to Internet. Also Harold is to find daily behind the screen and scans the internet. Also a frequent visitor of the pigeon forum by Hum. He has by this medium a lot of contact with fellow pigeon men who also on "the net" to find. They also create in this way to conveniently mutual contacts between lovers. In this way, there are occasional doves exchanged. You can hear it quite often, that, If you know to perform at national level and you in one way or another "in the picture" know to play, also easier to submit your contacts know. "Doors will open for you". Similarly for Harold who by his performance and the "internet" many contacts with national toppers. Contacts with Jelle Jellema from Nijverdal, Arjan Beens Genemuiden, Jaco Villaflor Veenendaal, start over and over again their to pay off.

Plans for 2011.
The plans for the coming season are already on the table. If everything goes according to plan is, of course, but the question. But you have to go out somewhere. The practice shows whether the plan should be modified. The teams and the flights have been mapped. Also stands for Harold "Barcelona" (1285 km) on the program, because even for him, this flight of flights up to the imagination.

Who wants to know more about this loft I refer to www.haroldzwiers.nl . In the past period is Harold such a 3 months involuntarily "been home". The economic bad went with the company of his employer. In that period, he has a lot of hours spent on the content of a new website that recently "in the air". A lot of data about "the Loft Zaidi" are shown. Definitely worth it. Harold is again in good spirits to the challenge of a new season to enter. Everyone is convinced, that match the performance of the last few seasons, a feat in itself is. But every sportsman wants to of course more! Good luck in the new season.

Jan Gan

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