2012 – Perpignan

Perpignan, a successful flight!

The medieval town of Perpignan is on the program of the ZLU. To include the Eastern lovers of zlu flights at the service are, the Nic-Borne lovers three registration options, to know Barcelona, Marseille and Perpignan. Here's a select group makes use, but there is a growth in sight. By 12 those who love pigeons were inserted, in total 85 PCs. Eight lovers had one or more pigeons on time, because of the small number of pigeons were there but 22 prices to be won. Despite that in the South the evening birds fell, one had to wait here until morning.

Harold Zaidi tribe possesses a good long distance pigeons, in particular the pigeons from the line of the old couple 1336 x perform enormous Diana. Harold had ten doves for Perpignan and passed to 06.41 comes are 3e drawn above the Loft. This cock of 2008 was trained on the cake flights and is a grandson of his super hen Limo Yung, which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the old couple 1336 Diana x. Look you got some better to the family tree then you will see that Harold inbreeding not shying away from, because the old couple has been used more than once. How well the 1336 his descendents inheritated is confirmed by the fact that from the first 11 price pigeons in the Nic-Borne there 5 pigeons are that descendants of the 1336 ( 1e, 2e, 7e, 9e, 11e ). And now you must not think, Yeah those are all at Harold on the Loft, No Harold himself had two, the other pigeons sit at the other lovers. The rapid cock by Harold already had some experience with the morning discharges, because he was successfully played on Orange in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In addition, Harold played him little. He went along on a young at 14 days, a booth where a male Dove is often very motivated basketed. The cock with his time of 06.41 the following prices: 1e Nic-Borne, 7e Fondunie 2000, 73e ZLU. Harold knew with his 10 pigeons 3 pigeons at the first 10 to run in the Nic ( 1e, 9e and 10e). Jelle Jellema had his team need to divide about three games, for Perpignan he had 22 trained. Are 1e comic fell to 06.42 and became the 97e the pigeon ZLU. In addition, Jacobs his train well underway, because he grabs in total 9 price pigeons. At the first ten has Jelle: 2e, 4e, 5e and 6e. Here you see that quantity and quality can go hand in hand. For the 3e pigeon we contact our dentist retired. Jan Becker from Nijverdal has completely focused on the ZLU flights, in particular the mode of transport speaks Jan enormously. Of the 15 basketted pigeons, Jan there 5 in the prices. Are 1e Dove left her tail to see 07.17 and took out another speed above the 1100 m/m. Benno K also found anything up 9 pigeons that he could go. Are 3e comic saw opportunity to the 7e price to be pigeon. The pigeon fell to 07.52. If Benno runs then turns Herman Sabre also, This goes for several years, the gentlemen are penny Exchange. Herman had there 5 and are 1e was drawn to 08.03 found. The competition could be closed in the Nic 09.31, then fell the last price Dove at b. Abbas. The Nic-Borne raised head can look back to this contest. All the pigeons had a good price in the outcome of the ZLU, Despite the large flypast and deviating neutralisation time.

Reporter Klaas Mulder

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