2014 – Duitse reportage

André Petan reported from the Netherlands

Harold Zwiers: 1. Masters 'Marathon North Netherlands' 2014

A breeder, the I have a long time in the eye is Harold Zwiers (Vintage 1969) from the Netherlands. He lives in the ham, It's part of the Dutch province of Overijssel. This municipality is located ca. 15 km bee-line from the German border. To his shock, it houses Beary long distance pigeons, on domestic and international flights, again very good services achieve the. For flights with "Morgenauflass" 1. Masters 'Marathon North Netherlands' 2014.

It is striking, that Harold Zwiers on the national and international long haul flights achieved again and again top prizes and a high percentage price yield. To give them an insight, I want what the Zwiers pigeons are able at this point a few top prizes of the season 2014 call. In the "Afdeling 9 It begins East Netherlands' from Brive (894,051 km) with the 34. Bankruptcy against 2.401 Pigeons, the "heavy" St. Vincent flight (1.136,156 km) with the 6. and 34. Bankruptcy against 1.109 Pigeons and perigueux (916,363 km) with the 19. Bankruptcy against 3.346 Pigeons. A highlight of the season 2014 certainly the result of his hen NL-10-1200440 "Yaika" of the international flight from Barcelona. On Saturday, the 04. July 2014, have been around 9.00 Watch 20.669 Pigeons from different countries in Barcelona released. At a distance of 1.272,832 km says he the hen NL-10-1200440 "Yaika" am 2. Tag to 6.59.15 Watch. With this performance, she gains the 17. Nat price. in the Netherlands against 5.423 Pigeons out 1.057 Shock and 19. Price internat. against 20.669 Pigeons. It flies in the national list of females 9. Price against 1.809 Cocks out 526 Shock. Internationally, it gains the 9. Price at the females – here against 5.550 Yearling! Of its total 6 Harold Zwiers reverses the pigeons 10.00.01 Watch his second pigeon. This is the bird NL-10-1200470 "de Jonge Barcelona", the the 263. Nat price. gains. He is a full brother to the hen NL-10-1200440 "Yaika" and flies already in the years 2013 from the very serious Barcelona flight the 130. Nat price. against 6.912 Dutch pigeons and the 362. Price internat. against 25.294 Pigeons! To 11.23.11 He takes the hen NL-10-1200476 receive clock finally, the the 682. Nat price. flies. In the national field of 1.809 She takes the cocks 243. Place! The father of the two first Barcelona pigeons is the bird NL-06-1745600 "De Deugniet" (Orig. H. Schoolderman, Wierden). He came within the framework of a voucher purchase as summer hatchling on the impact investments by Harold Zwiers. What a happy purchase, because both as travel- and this bird Dove's Gold. Among others, he won a "De Deugniet" 7. Price nationally of the long haul flights in Montauban (994 km) against no less than 7.730 Pigeons! In his pedigree can be found, including original pigeons from Peter van der Eijnden (Deurne). The mother of the two first Barcelona pigeons 2014 is the hen NL-09-1762955. Her father in turn is the bird NL-07-1187684 (Orig. Jelle Jellema, Nijverdal). This bird comes from the bird with his own daughter NL NL 98-1364798 "Zwart Goud'-06-1576900 ("Zwart Goud" x NL-01-1110402 "Saffier"). Mother of hen NL-09-1762955 is the hen NL-08-1024727. Her father NL-06-1687325 "Limo" is a brother of the bird NL-09-1762946 "Zorro", which is mentioned in the following still. To make it short: The hen NL-08-1024727 is Harold Zwiers and inbred hen one on the master pair of shock. Conclusion: The mother of "Yaika" and "Jonge Barcelona" is a combination of two inbred pigeons (Inbred "Zwarte Goud" Jelle Jellema x inbred master pair of Harold Zwiers). I would like to introduce the master pair of Harold Zwiers in following closer. The Red hammered bird NL-94-0071336 "Superkweker 1336" is the progenitor of the beat of Zwiers. He is an original bird of Jansen & Co. (Bavel) and goes to 100% return the pigeons of the old master Jan Theelen from the Limburg Buggenum. Along with the master hen NL-01-1740489 "Morsie" (Orig. Ben Alferink, Zandvoort) is he the starting point of many outstanding pigeons. One of her daughters is, for example, NL-03-1828460 "Limoosje", that has demonstrated her extraordinary abilities on the trip and in the breeding. In addition to a variety of very good prices, she flew among others also one 1. Price of Mont de Marsan (1.085 km) against 812 Pigeons, one 83. Price internat. from Brive (894 km) against 8.620 Pigeons and on two different flights of Limoges (826 km, "Afdeling 9 East Netherlands") one 2. Price against 1.384 Pigeons and 4. Price against 1.468 Pigeons. Together with the NL's top bird-00-5006884 "Marathon" is it under other parent of bird's NL-09-1762946 "Zorro", of the wide plug flights a number of very good prices with brought home. In the year of travel 2012 he flies, for example, the 93. Nat price. Cahors (996 km) against no less than 10.178 Pigeons home. Up-to-date travel year 2014 he flies from the heavy national classics from St. Vincent (1.136,156 km) the 34. Bankruptcy against 1.109 Pigeons into "Afdeling 9 East Netherlands". Even by the tough flight from Marseille 2014 (1.043,141 km) he flies at one of the farthest distances 100. Nat price. against 4.899 Pigeons out 866 Shock. The overall result of Marseille 2014 can be also seen, because of the 4 achieve the pigeons 3 Doves in the national and international price list a price. A week after Marseille 2014 korbte Harold Zwiers 10 Pigeons for Cahors (995,818 km) and 8 A pigeons international flight Narbonne. From Cahors bring his pigeons in the big competition (18.670 Pigeons) not less than 9 Prices home. The international flight from Narbonne was also very successful, because 4 Pigeons placed in the national and international price list. Again a week later found the last international classics from Perpignan (1.128,441 km) Instead of. The "Jonge Barcelona" flies 240. Nat price. against 6.414 Pigeons out 896 Shock. Below some information about the shock conditions. Harold Zwiers has very beautiful and spacious garden shots. Reveal the benefits of pigeons, that these beautiful shots are also efficient. In December, a 14-day treatment with "Para stop" by Belgica De Weerd is performed for a precaution against paratyphoid. In January, the pigeons against Paramixo be vaccinated. In the spring, When the racers to be paired they get no preventive treatment against the yellow button and Trichomonads. Only ca. 4 until 5 Weeks before the "important" St. Vincent flight is a BS from Belgica De Weerd ca. 6-performed day spa. During the racing season is also very like the product "Witte neuzen" (to german: "White noses") used by Belgica De Weerd. In addition, tea is regularly throughout the year, Brewer's yeast and Konblauch administered. That the pigeons permanent grit, Grit stone and feed lime is available is a matter of course. To bring the pigeons before coupling in breeding condition is hemp seeds at fed and gladly. Various minerals, Pulpy and onion oil should also ensure, that the pigeons are very healthy and successful breeding. At the time of coupling the feed mixture of ca. 50% Breeding mix and 50% Barley. The barley share is gradually reduced between coupling and nesting. As soon as the eggs there are the proportion of the barley is increased again. Before the boys hatch the pigeons in the aftermath will receive shortly during the rearing 100% Breeding mix. It can be said with views of the feed, that Harold Zwiers mixes from the House of Beyers relies primarily. As Harold Zwiers is a wide track player the young pigeon game is not strongly promoted. Seems important to him, that the ca. 50 Youngsters go quickly and well to go home and they are top healthy as all other pigeons. Harold Zwiers are the master breeder at the beginning of the season for the long flights 40 Some nest birds available. Since the travel year 2011 He practiced only the nest method. In the years before 2011 He practised with 24 Pair the total Witwerschftsmethode, during 8 Women were brought to the nest method used. Harold Zwiers is convinced, that one needs on the long distance pigeons, the stamina and are top healthy. On his loft, you will find pigeons, sometimes fighting all day against a headwind and fly the next morning, to reach their home blow. "The arrival of the pigeons by flights to the 1.000 a feeling of km, It is indescribable", so Harold Zwiers. Although the performance of his pigeons is extraordinarily high he tried to introduce yet every now and then new blood. For this purpose he performs among others with the also successful Weistreckenzüchter Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal) occasionally community farms by. Jelle Jellema won in travel 2014 the 1. and 3. Price internat. from Barcelona. I am deeply impressed by the quality of the pigeons and the extraordinary abilities of Zwiers pigeons. For the future we want the ham symathischen wide track champion from the Netherlands continue to all the best and much success with his feathered friends.


Harold Zwiers
Boss in Kamp 2
7683 SL the ham
Phone: 0031-(0)6-15510582
Email: haroldzwiers@hetnet.nl
Homepage: www.haroldzwiers.nl

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