2017 Victory Limoges CCNOO

2 June 2017 A22 LIMOGES


A GOOD START................................

Is half the battle! On the first flight of the "long distance" is always a bit with fear and trembling basketed, also this time are there showers with thunderstorms predicted. In retrospect it can be seen that it is a very nice start of a new multiple-day long distance season. Because of the storm front they could not fly by and this rest period, the pigeons well done, they came fast and the competition closes at 12.02. The winning pigeon is a blue band hen of none other than Harold Zaidi the fondmatador from Den Ham. The pigeons are Friday afternoon at 13.30 hours unloaded in Limoges and Harold clocked the 14-601 Saturday morning at 09.33 hours, What is good for a 11e place against 3285 pigeons in the total competition of afd. 9, 0 and 11. This hen is a daughter of the super breeder Cabal Giant of Jaco Villaflor and went along on Limoges as 1st Comic, because they already proved last year asked to be able to come up with a 14th. NAT Cahors and also she was 5th ACE pigeon VNCC about 3 flights. Harold says there about this myself: "This hen was actually intended for Agen ZLU about 4 weeks. But because I 17 hens about have I at the last minute (Sunday ) decided to nonetheless Limoges have some hens select, first 7. But yeah still no proven pigeon, because they are all linked for Pau and Barcelona. But to 7 Pigeon waiting, still nothing or little have shown seemed to me not what. And I thought, I'll be there will still 1 good have to, What is worth the wait. And the wait was rewarded. Continue playing there are still a few pigeons on the outcome. So all in all satisfied with the 1st flight. " That Harold has good pigeons is known and clear results, the 2e price (Jan Schutte) and the 5e price (Bert Nada) come directly from the loft of Harold. A nice start of the several-day long distance season!

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