Kampioenschappen VNCC

Championships of the VNCC Un-appointed below ( +/-900 Members )

  • 1999 13e
  • 2000 18e
  • 2001 9e
  • 2002 2e, also 3rd and 5th ACE pigeon with the Aviator
  • 2003 15e, 5th preferred and 2nd ACE pigeon with the Super Blue Hen
  • 2004 12e
  • 2005 9e
  • 2006 2e, also 1st preferred
  • 2007 2e
  • 2008 4e
  • 2009 1e also 3rd ACE pigeon with Hector and 5th ACE pigeon with Rooie Sien
  • 2010 1e
  • 2011 3e
  • 2012 2e
  • 2013 8e, also 3rd designated 5th ACE pigeon with leontien, 6e ACE pigeon Rooie Annie
  • 2014 Champion Marathon North morning discharge
  • 2015 6e, also 2nd preferred
  • 2016 11e and 5th ACE pigeon with the Veense Blue
  • 2017 4e and also 4th preferred 3rd Champions League and 3rd ACE pigeon with Veens Blue
  • 2018 The most beautiful of Championships 2018 in big races Supercup winner Marathon North
    ACE pigeon winner Marathon North with "the young Rascal"
    1(e) Multiday ACE pigeon long distance NPO BERGERAC 3 year rankings with the "Veens Blue" (2016 to 2018)
    1e Onaagewezen Champion circle 1
    2e Aangezwezen Champion circle 1
    2e Onaagewezen Champion Adfdeling 9 East Netherlands
    2e appointed champion Adfdeling 9 East Netherlands
    3e Champions league VNCC
    3e Preferred VNCC
    5e appointed champion Northern Union
    6e Marathon North afternoon releases
    8e Champion Northern Union total
    8e UN-appointed champion VNCC
    9e National Champion Preferred
    9(e) Multiday ACE pigeon long distance NPO BERGERAC 2 year rankings with the "Veens Blue"(2017 to 2018)
    11e category E Marathon Olympiad 2018 with the "Veense Blauwje"

In 2006 was there with Limoosje a 1st Vncc Mont de Marsan won

In 2007 was there with Silver star Limoges won a 1st Vncc

In 2008 was there with The Scam a 1st Vncc Montauban won

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