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Auction of youngsters on toppigeons. com by ??? to ???-2019

Next winter, young people will be offered from my best breeding and racing pigeons The youngsters are carefully and specially bred to be able to grow with it again in the future and these are beautiful to cross on other tribes Many couples are so closely cultivated back to the base of the stem couple "The 1336 x Morsie", super breeder Rooie japie and of course "De Ugniet" Grandchildren of Rooie Japie flew in 2019 1e NPO Orange, 1e npo periqueux 5th npo orange, 6e National Dax 8th National Dax 7th NPO Limoges. Enzevoort Children and grandchildren of De Ugniet flew in 2019 1e NPO Orange, 1e NPO Periqueux 4th NPO Limoges and so on
From these couples offer there will be some!!!
• Red Dawn x perpignan hen
• Tarzan X Dochter Boerinneke
• The Vale x daughter Rooie Japie
• Son black Gold ( New hope ) x daughter black gold( Pretty girl )
• The Virtua X inbred daughter Milos Red Rose Verweij- de Haan
• The Virtua x his granddaughter Miss Orange
• Chris Abbey
• Ace Pigeon Marathon North The young Soundnon x the Veense Blauwtje
• Marseille couple ( brother x sister ) 21e National
• Son black Gold New Hope 2 daughter black gold ( Maud)
• Inbred Rooie Japie Tribe couple
• Top Pigeon Red Thunder x his granddaughter Dirkje ( Good flying Pigeon )
• Rosco x daughter Red Japie
• Single boy from sons x daughters Rooie Japie
• Benjamin x Red Riding Hood ( inbred daughter Rooie Japie

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