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St Vincent

On Tuesday 11 June there are 10 pigeons basketed for the second overnight flight the team consisted of 2 widowers 8 nest pigeons 1140 km discharge time: 14.30 hours Wind direction: Northwest 3 Temp: 22 º C registration's list drawn. 1e Get. 15-1303219 "The young Rascal" son of Scam x Maud ( Maud = daughter ... Read more

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On Tuesday 28 may, a 30 old birds basketed for the 1st race from Limoges 825 km discharge time: 14.30 uurWindrichting: NNW later west 2 Temp: 25 º C 1st Get. 15-1303255 “Dirkje”Daughter of son Carlo x Red thunder x Julliette ( Jelle Jellema 2nd Get. 15-1303172 “The Special One ... Read more

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