Loft division

With Gerda & Aaaaaaaa

With Gerda & Aaaaaaaa

The racing loft of the old birds is 13 metres long and 2.10 metres in depth and consists of:
2 widowers departments with 2 x 12 baking 80 cm. wide and 40 cm. deep, 1 widow hens Department with 30 zitschapjes 2 nest game departments with 2 x 8 baking 80 cm. wide and 40 cm. deep, 2 course of approximately 1 metres wide which 1 is used for feed storage and the 2nd going on between the widow hens and the nest loft is first used for the nesting hens who then later be linked for a particular flight and later in the season often come here summer boy on intended for the cake flights. The aeration

The hood of the Loft is about 1 meters high with at the front 4 sneldekdakpannen and at the rear 6. The hood is not isolated and one looks so against the pans to.
From the front is the ceiling first time over a dense strip of 20 cm. so the wind there not equal in may fall, After that there is a strip of 70 cm. ventilation in the ceiling without scrolling. The Hutch stands about a 50 cm. to 60 cm. of the ground and the wind can blow well under there by.

The young pigeon loft consists of a roof of a gazebo with a run for built and there is 3.60 x 2.00 with a very good ventilation, and exterior is finished with translucent corrugated sheets. Have an open door for Sputnik and, so there is plenty of fresh air in and it is draught-free which is very important.

My racing Loft for old birds

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