2018 – North Pigeon Champion Marathon Afternoon Releases

Harold Zwiers, Den Ham, the pigeon champion has Afternoon discharge at the Marathon North

Harold Zwiers, Den Ham, the pigeon champion has Afternoon discharge at the Marathon North

Harold Zaidi won the Supercup in the Marathon North League. In the report on this win do you have some info can read about the great champion from Den Ham. He had Besides this beautiful afternoon releases the Pigeon Championship Champion. The pigeon that this Championships is a descendant of the great breeder and kite ' Scam '. In the sequel of this story the background of this pigeon and other facts about Harold.

Growing method
In the conversations I've had with Harold about growing, He made distinction between growing and breeding pigeons racing pigeons. During the construction of his fondstam he tried to grow good x good. Like everyone else, he found out that not all good x good couples good boy for operation. Nothing good came out of many couples and from other couples just relatively much ' good stuff. ' It's good to have the blood lines of the good sires to stick through inbreeding or line breeding. The guy going to be grown here are usable again as breeder, probably much less as a racer. The best racing pigeons grow your, According to Harold, from cross-breeding of two inbred lines. The last ten years, Harold samengekweekt with several good lovers. Lovers with a related tribe in the lofts. These pigeons are against its related strain put on in the hope that new top racers from stem. The pigeons that Harold grow, where good breeders avoid several times in the family tree, go with him on the flight and the best of these he used to cross. Also with yearlings who turned on him in one way or another, ' ' he grows, to put against older pigeons.


Ace Pigeon Afternoon Releases

With the ' Young Scam ' (' 219 ' of The 2015) Harold had the pigeon champion afternoon releases of the Marathon North. The father of this topper is as expected ' Scam '. The mother is ' Maud '. She comes from ' black gold ' of Jelle Jellema with ' Inbred Crest '. This hen comes out of the super breeder ' Red Jacobs ' with his mother ' Morssie '. ' The Young Rascal ' won in the Marathon North the 43rd St. Vincent, the 19th Dax and the 43rd Bergerac. He defeated a topper by the wheels from London. National in sector 3 picked up ' The Young Rascal ' the following prices: the 98th national St. Vincent, the 38th National Dax and the national Bergerac 136e. A fantastic honour list of a great doffer. He is on widowhood, so he easier the three flights for the Marathon North can play.

Top racer and breeder-The Scam
Certain pigeon fanciers are inclined rather to look to family trees, to performance. At one of the top racers and breeders of Harold, ' The Scam ', the family tree is not very particular, but the performance and the offspring great good. He won a. the 1st and the 1st of the VNCC NOW ZONE 3 on Montauban. He is also the father of Harolds Barcelona pigeon (Yes ... more) and of the ACE pigeon afternoon releases Marathon North 2018. The Scam is o. (a). the father of the young Barcelona, Carlo (19e international Barcelona by 20.669 pigeons 2014 and 9th International hens of 5.550 pigeons). ' The Scam ' itself won a:
1e VNCC against Montauban 1.020 pigeons, 1e by now Zone 3 against 1.461 pigeons, 5e national against 5.293 pigeons, 5e now totally against 7.730 pigeons. ' The Scam ' is (large)father of pigeons put down the following performance: 19e international Barcelona 2014 against 20.669 pigeons (1.278 km), 18e national Narbonne 2015 against 5.338 pigeons, 27e National Orange 2012 against 4.689 pigeons, 37e national Marseille 2016 against 3.320 pigeons, 11e Department 9 Perigueux 2016 against 2.356 pigeons, 1e and NOW 7th Zone 1 Cahors 2017 against 1.951 pigeons and the 3rd Division 9 Limoges 2018 against 1.319 pigeons.
The father of ' Scam ' is ' the Super 483 ' of Saal, which o. (a). a 20th national Tarbes and a 57th National St. Vincent.
The 12-1164278 is a granddaughter to ' Scam '. It operated a large proportion of the Supercup-victory of the Marathon North last season. They went as 1st drawn on Barcelona and Perpignan and won 2 prices. The 12-278 is a daughter of ' Tarzan ', a good son of ' Scam ' with ' Silver star '. ' Silver star ' comes from the breeding couple ' with ' Morssie ' and ' 1336 won a marathon flight in the VNCC. In 2016 is the 12-78 not played, because they had something to the eye. In the surrounding years, 2015, 2017 and 2018 She won every time price on Barcelona.
Also a points in the Marathon North on Marseille pakker (the 15-255) is a descendant of The ' Scam '. Also the nest brother (the 15-256, 2e drawn by Dax with the 97th price in Marathon North) did a small bit of the Supercup victory.
The descendants of ' Scam ' were also responsible for the Championship of the morning discharge in the year 2014 at the Marathon North. Harold was the highest step of the winners ' podium twice accessed.

The Experience
Harold is an enthusiastic pigeon fancier. He is blood fanatic and not easily satisfied. He is always motivated to in the head of the rash to sit. Is Gerda involved with your hobby? Harold: ' Gerda stands behind my hobby. She loves the messages when they regularly and an hour as time has. You have other lovers where you partner? If so, whom? Our champion: ' I'm going with Johanna Dan training. I also have regular contact with a number of lovers and return I ever a few pigeons. ' What's so nice about the pigeon sport? Our top pigeon fancier: ' The tension of the flights and early pigeons is the most beautiful. As for example last year at Perigueux ... the first of sector 3. When we had played sector Perigueux 4 Ruffec. I saw the reports that they were falling early in the night. So I went to the Loft look. With a light bulb search everywhere, but there was nothing. When but a round walk. When I was back, fell free fast ' Red Dawn ' next to me on the valve. I this the slider open and he ran in the dark inside. If he falls on top of the Loft, He was not so easily received. '

What could be better in the pigeon sport? Harold: ' I me broken, that there is no entry aperture more pigeons are. That stores really nowhere on ... the results of the vitesse flights save as a tang on a pig and the many additional work in the club, do you also for nothing. Furthermore, I believe that we have a beautiful marathon competition get if we from the East go flying. But pal the East where the landscape is relatively flat. The biggest advantage is, that the remote be smaller differences in Netherlands and that in the summer the days are longer. It is rather light on the customer's site, so can there be discharged earlier. ' What would you still like to lose in the report? Our man from Den Ham tells: ' Marathon Noord is a pretty fair competition. There is no fairer. Anyone can win. That makes it so nice!'

Harold thanks for your openness and the cosy afternoon ... see you in Doetinchem !!!

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