Limoges 2016

Limoges 5-6-2016

On Tuesday 31 May, a 26 pigeons basketed for the first overnight flight from 2016 They are all on a nest positions of 8 to 16 days eggs most of the ones with it are 2 year old pigeons supplemented by the Barcelona team who are to fly

825 km discharge time: 13.30

wind direction N.No 3 Temp. 20 to 28 degrees


  • 12.24 14-1540510 Son Young Barcelona ( grandson The Scam)
  • 12.39 14-1741601 The Veense Blue daughter Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor
  • 13.38 14-1540511 Grandson young Barcelona
  • 16.49 14-1540492 Daughter Rosco
  • 18.50 14-1741602 The Blue Diamond son Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor
  • 19.22 14-1540505 Daughter of Red Thunder x Red Annie ( line breeding Red Jacobs )
  • 21.23 14-1540515 Granddaughter Red Jacobs Limoosje


Limoges went spicier than what fellow enthusiast had expected. The first price Dove pulled out a speed of 1248 meters and the last only 525 metres. All in all, a difficult flight especially for pigeons that stuck all winter and too little entry aperture kilometers have been able to make because of the bad weather. These had most problems. On own loft fell against the pigeons came and bad and there are unfortunately a few handsome pigeons retarded. Only 7/26 pigeons on the outcome that is too little but good on to St Vincent and Pau

NPO rash afd 9

43e,52e,104e,204e,273e,290e,358e, against 1544 pigeons


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