St Vincent 2018

St Vincent 15-6 -2018 with a wonderful series with 5 pigeons in 5 minutes

On Tuesday 12 June there are 12 pigeons basketed for the second overnight flight the team consisted of 4 widowers 7 nest pigeons and 1 widow hen

1140 km discharge time: 14.15 hours
Wind direction: West later Southwest 3 Temp: 22 º C

Registration's list drawn.

1e Get. 15-1303219 “The young Rascal”son of The Scam x Maud ( Maud = daughter black gold x inbred Crest )
2e Get. 15-1303159 Young Tarzan Son 'Tarzan ' x Jane ( line breeding 'The Scam)

Arrival times:

12.37 13-1736371 Paluk granddaughter Red Jacobs ( from Carl x "Red Diamond" )
12.42 15-1303219 “The young Rascal” son of The Scam x Maud ( Maud = daughter black gold x inbred Crest )
12.58 14-1540445 Line black gold 1336 x Diana and Vicky
13.41 15-1303266 Daughter Limo ( granddaughter Limoosje )
13.41 15-1303254 Daughter Red Thunder x hen Jelle Jellema
13.43 15-1303150 Eva granddaughter Red Jacobs Limoosje "The black" fpp
13.44 16-1146660 “Agnes”daughter Son Carlo x Pretty girl ( line black gold The Scam and Red Jacobs )
13.46 16-1146607 Daughter Young Barcelona x the blue Lady

After a day's postponement was the national classic ST Vincent on Saturday afternoon to 14.15 discharged the next morning was asked a number of pigeons reported on shorter distances. The competition came slow start and at longer distances had to wait a long time on the first pigeon most anything about half 1 Paluk granddaughter fell Red Jacobs ( from Carl x "Red Diamond" ) my 3rd was Drawn on the cover and a few minutes later, followed by my 1st comic son of The Scam x Maud ( Maud = daughter black gold x inbred Crest ) Eventually they fell quickly and were there to 17.00 hours 11/12 home and play there 8/12 on the result unfortunately my 2nd comic which was still on my 1st Limoges for 2weeks back not come home.

My 1st and 3rd pigeon of st Vincent

Click here for the family tree of the "Paluk"

Rash NPO Afd 9

21e 28th 41st 107th 110th 119th 120th 124th against 2154 pigeons (8/12)

Rash national sector 3

83e 98th 145th 350th 357th 382nd 390th 402nd against 2726 pigeons (8/12)

Rash national rural sector 1-2-3-4

2951258e 1321e 1395e against e 336th 499th 1246e 1350e 12.440 pigeons (8/12)

Also had success with other enthusiasts my pigeons
OA the Hans R from Gaanderen played a 2nd NPO (also 7th National) is 100 % Zaidi ( Daughter Tarzan x Boerinnenke ) grandchild of The Scam x Silver star

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