On Tuesday 2 July there are 11 old birds basketed for the 4th flight from Cahors.

1022 km discharge time: 12.30 hours
Wind direction: NO-NW 2-3 Temp: 36 º C

Registration's list drawn.

  • 1e Get. 17-1715243 Son of the Veens blue x Red Abbey
  • 2e Get. 17-1715226 Hercules Grandson The Scam with line Red Jacobs Yung Limo.

Arrival times:

  • 17.21 17-1715226 Grandson The Scam with line Red Jacobs Limoosje
  • 17.37 17-1715278 son Rosco x Juliette ( Jacob Hen )
  • 17.51 17-1715263 son of son Carlo x Pretty girl ( line black gold The scam and Red Jacobs )
  • 18.20 15-1303172 Daughter of Devon x Juna ( Line Red Jacobs Limo Yung Safier Orion Black Gold )
  • 22.12 17-1715262 From Son Brenda x Late Blue Manikandan Nachiappan
  • 07.36 18-1525713 Daughter Super Top x the blue Lady
  • 09.42 17-1715306 "Elisa" Daughter Jane Tarzan x
  • 09.57 17-1715335 Daughter Hawk ( granddaughter of The Scam x Red Jacobs )
  • 13.54 17-1715233 Granddaughter The Scam

” The relatives  “

“Hercules” my 1st of Cahors good for a 16th NPO
For family tree Hercules click here

Cahors was a heavier flight than many enthusiasts had thought. The competition was even in sector 4 open until Monday and closed in sector 3 only on Sunday evening. On Saturday in the afternoon 17.21 the above-mentioned "Hercules" the first pigeon is what is good for a 16e NPO and within an hour there were 4 home and then fell silent. The next day came the slow start and unfortunately there are still many pigeons behind which many Yearlings. Itself may I not complain with 9/11 in the prices but unfortunately my 1e Get. still on the go. Hopefully this still after the next few weeks.

Rash NPO Afd 9

16e 21e 25e 33e 93e 123e 203e 210e 268e against 1142 pigeons (9/11)

Rash national sector 3

47e 56e 65e 88e 267e 340e 523e 540e 764e against 3462 pigeons (9/11)

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