Tuesday 24 June

Saturday against the afternoon hours fell to 11.35 the first pigeon on the valve. It is the yearling hen the 13- 335 ( daughter of Marcel x daughter Jo 076 Villaflor ) .Good for a 19th NPO and a 43 National against 8511 pigeons. That the yearlings not gift got turned out after there at the end of the day there are only 20 of the 36 At home, I am actually a little disappointing. Now at this time that I write this there are 23 at home and I miss o. (a). my 1st comic still leontien. The final result is likely to be that there 11/36 price to meet both national and NPO

It was nice to hear again how other descendants grabbed by oa Limoosje ,Silver star , in the top of the results


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