St. Vincent Saturday 15 June 2013

On Tuesday 11 June there are 10 pigeons basketed for the second overnight flight this year. This team consists of 4 three-year ,4 four-year and two 6 year old. These are all on nest of 10 days eggs until boy of 12 days old

1139 km discharge time:13.00 hours
Wind direction: NO later so Temp: 25 º C

Registration's list with arrival times :

  1. 09-1762954 Caroline. Vict (Jaco 083) x Celine 12.03
  2. 07-1295940 Black Beauty 14.57
  3. 10-1200416 granddaughter Limoosje 12.33
  4. 09-2030690 Gerrit line Jo Villaflor 11.19
  5. 09-1762957 Laika (daughter inbred Safier Jelle jellema x Diana)
  6. 07-1295907 James Bond 12.50
  7. 10-1200474 son of the 97-820 x Larry ( brother of Black Beauty ) 17.03
  8. 10-1200401 Daughter of Laika x the Marathon 12.38
  9. 09-1762946 Zorro son Limoosje x the Marathon 11.34
  10. 10-1221701 bred Hellas Jelle jellema x red Crest ( daughter Red Jacobs x Diana ) 13.27

The form is here still far seeker. After a long wait here eventually fell to 11.19 the 09-2030690 “Gerrit” line Jo Villaflor on the valve
Had a nice team on St. Vincent but unfortunately if that not help. 3/10 win there price both in the VNCC/national (30%).For results registration center:Click here
9/10 There are now home and Miss now even a handsome hen ( Laika ) What straight still comes from Diana. But the beauty is that Club member Johanna De Groot with (Red Sonja ) a granddaughter Red Jacobs x Rika line of Arjan Beens VNCC know the first win against nearly 1200 pigeons. And that Jacob Jelema are 1st of Pau ( Blue Benno ) a grandson of Limoosje and his 2nd son of pigeon Benjamin

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