Barcelona 2017

Barcelona 7-7-2017

On Sunday 2 July there are 10 pigeons, basketed for the 3e ZLU flight, They are all sitting on a nest stand of about 5-7 days boy

1275 km discharge time: 09.05 hours
wind direction variable Temp. 30 degrees

Registration's list drawn

Arrival times:

Barcelona 2017 may be in the books as 1 of the worst editions of the last years. The wait lasted long and if there is then a notification earlier than in Belgium in Netherlands that says it all. Here I had to wait until Sunday morning 09.34 When the Red doffer 13-1736337 Son Benjamin on the Loft lande. It took a while before he was . What should he have had a character that Dove was as light as a feather (total afgevlogen so ) Where they are and how many km they really made flown along we unfortunately never know but there were certainly more than that 1275 km in the evening reported number 2 the 1e Get is happy and the next day, there is still 2. This 4 all played price. Generally they are still well kept of this flight. The blue lady came a week later with damage to the wing happy back home this was a Barcelona for the strongest pigeons !!!!!

Rash ZLU National

206e 878e 1023e 1108e against 4504 pigeons (4/10)

Result international

700e 2637e 3257e 3482e against 17.020 pigeons (4/10)




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