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Agen 4-7-2017

On Monday 26 June there are 20 yearlings basketed for the 2e ZLU flight. They are all on a nest positions of 10 days eggs

1018 km discharge time: 07.00 hours
Wind direction N. N East 3 Temp. 25 degrees

Arrival times:

  • 09.12 16-1146660 Daughter Son Carlo x Pretty girl ( line black gold The Scam and Red Jacobs )
  • 09.23 16-1146722 Daughter of The Scam x Maud ( Maud = daughter inbred crested x black gold )
  • 09.58 16-1146647 Carl granddaughter x red diamandje
  • 10.24 16-1146622 granddaughter Limoosje ( Limo x daughter Bleu Arjan beens )
  • 11.57 16-1146642 Son Red Jacobs x daughter John III
  • 13.28 16-1146630 Granddaughter Limoosje (Zorro x Paluk)

After 8 days basket they went finally release on Tuesday 4 July. Given the headwinds would be very difficult to deal with on the day of discharge pigeons on my distance. The next morning something about 9 above the first yearling Son Daughter Mercy de16-1146660 x beautiful girl ( line black gold The Scam and Red Jacobs ) itself to 09.12. It was a spirited but a nice selection of flight for the yearlings. 18 from there come home and which 6 in the results managed to classify. It occurred to me 100% how well the pigeons looked after more than a week still basket. My compliments to the caretakers of the pigeons!

Rash ZLU Yearlings

377e 397e 520e 648e 1202e against 5935 pigeons (5/20)

Result international Yearlings

820e 847e 922e 1139e 1955e 2832e against 13.189 pigeons (6/20)

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