Bergerac 2017

Bergerac 29-7-2017

On Tuesday 25 July there are 10 pigeons, basketed for the 6e overnight flight. 8 on boy a day or 3 (a) 4 and 1 torque in widowhood

956km discharge time: 13.00 hours
Wind direction: ZW 4-5 Temp: 22 º C

Registration's list drawn.

Arrival times:

  • 06.48 14-1741601 The Veense Blue daughter Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor
  • 07.49 15-1303180 From son of (Red Thunder x Red Annie) x Paluk is daughter Red Diamandje 11-031
  • 08.02 14-1540445
  • 08.33 16-1146694 Son of Supertop x Rooie Miep ( Line breeding 1336 Diana x )

After a day's delay, the pigeons loose on Saturday noon 13.00 hours. It surprised me that the pigeons as early discharged were given the hard Southwest wind that they had making the pigeons on the shorter distances by and sure enough against a half 10 I heard that there is that there is plenty of pigeons were in the South of the country. Later in the evening, I saw that there were even to 22.40 already a dove had fallen in Rijssen on 20 km closer So but fast the outdoor lighting and but wait but unfortunately after a whole night long wait came the next morning at 06.48 my 1e get the 14-1741601 The Veense Blue daughter Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor to consequences. Still good for a 312e National against 21.204 pigeons again This Country schoort they 3 wonderful prizes this year,with which they like last high again will end up at the ACE pigeon Championships.

My 1e by Bergerac top pigeon the Veense Blue

Rash NPO Afd 9

67e 256e 339e against 2154 pigeons (3/10)

Rash national sector 3

132e 629e 829e 1302e against 6219 pigeons (4/10)

Rash national rural sector 1-2-3-4

312e 1453e 1955e 3310e 4346e against 21.204 pigeons (5/10)

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