Orange 2017

Orange 15-7-2017

On Wednesday 12 July there are 16 pigeons, basketed for the 5e overnight flight this team exists 5 old and 11 yearlings most sit on some days boy and what's fresh eggs

936 km discharge time: 07.00 hours
Wind direction: North Temp: 26 º C

Registration's list drawn.

  • 1e Get. 11-1271014 Sheri Granddaughter Red Jacobs, Silver star x Jaco 083 Villaflor
  • 2e Get 15-1303173 From son Young Barcelona x daughter Red thunder x Red Annie

Arrival times:

  • 08.36 16-1146607 Daughter Young Barcelona x the blue Lady
  • 09.31 13-1736301 From son Caballero Villaflor Giant x Annie ( daughter Black Beauty)
  • 10.27 15-1303141 From son Red Jacobs x daughter Red diamandje 14-068
  • 10.32 15-1303173 From son Young Barcelona x daughter Red thunder x Red Annie
  • 11.13 14-1540442 daughter Red Abbey x Annie (granddaughter Red Jacobs)
  • 13.51 14-1540441 son Red Abbey x Annie (grandson Red Jacobs )
  • 14.27 16-1145504 Son of The Scam

My 1e by Orange

Orange is like previous years again an awkward flight on the day of discharge to a pigeon clocks. Only a 17 many pigeons ( of the 5000 ) knew a higher speed above the 1000 metres to pick up. The pigeons to be by the Rhone Valley where they often have hard against wind with warm weather. Unfortunately nothing by itself on the day of discharge. The next morning arrived that 1e Pigeon 08.36 It was the yearling hen 16-1146607 Daughter of Young Barcelona x the blue Lady. This yearling hen has the so in the genes to also under severe conditions to come home just as her parents. Despite the heavy flight pigeons came well after considering there 11 yearlings had. Unfortunately no real early leading pigeons but have a pretty selective and instructive flight for the yearlings!!!

Rash NPO Afd 9

47e 75e 113e 116e 150e 242e 266e against 1340 pigeons (7/16)

Rash NOW Total

184e 306e 466e 484e 613e 966e 1055e against 5067 pigeons (7/16)

It was nice to hear that Klaas Mulder from Hengelo with a grandchild of Benjamin x daughter Marianne 12-881 a 5e NPO Orange played.

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