Championships and photos by loyalty Awards 2018


What we have had a wonderful summer for our pigeons with super nice heavy flights on which one can select good on. Did is also a nice year with the pigeons with a price rate of more than 50% averaged over all flights there were many champion shelves achieved.

The most beautiful of Championships 2018 in big races are:         

  • Winner Supercup Marathon North
  • Winner Ace Pigeon Marathon North with "the young Rascal"
  • 1e Ace Pigeon Long Distance Multi-day NPO BERGERAC 3 year rankings with the "Veens Blue” (2016 to 2018)
  • 1e Onaagewezen Champion circle 1
  • 2e Aangezwezen Champion circle 1
  • 2e Onaagewezen Champion Adfdeling 9 East Netherlands
  • 2e appointed champion Adfdeling 9 East Netherlands
  • 3e Champions league VNCC
  • 3e Preferred VNCC
  • 5e appointed champion Northern Union
  • 6e Marathon North afternoon releases
  • 8e Champion Northern Union total
  • 8e UN-appointed champion VNCC
  • 9e National Champion Preferred
  • 9(e) Multiday ACE pigeon long distance NPO BERGERAC 2 year rankings with the "Veens Blue "(2017 to 2018)
  • 11e category E Marathon Olympiad 2018 with the "Veense Blue
Honouring National Championships
Honouring Fond Marten doren

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