Periqueux 2018

On Tuesday 30 July there are 23 basketted pigeons for the last flight of this season of which 13 older birds and 10 yearlings they sit on all kinds of nest scores and everything is able to

917 km discharge time: 10.30 hours
Wind direction: N3 Temp: 34 º C

Registration's list drawn:

  • 1e Get. 15-1303172 Daughter of Devon x Juna ( Line Red Jacobs Limo Yung Safier Orion Black Gold
  • 2e Get. 11-1271014 Sheri Granddaughter Red Jacobs, Silver star x Jaco 083 Villaflor

Arrival times:

  • 15.23 16-1146660 “Agnes” daughter Son Carlo x Pretty girl ( line black gold The Scam and Red Jacobs )
  • 15.24 15-1303255 Daughter of son Carlo x Red Thunder x Julliette ( Jelle Jellema )
  • 15.37 17-1715219 Carl daughter x red diamandje
  • 15.50 16-1146622 granddaughter Limoosje ( Limo x daughter Bleu Arjan beens )
  • 17.15 17-1715263 son of son Carlo x Pretty girl ( line black gold The scam and Red Jacobs )
  • 17.39 17-1715257 From son Silver star x daughter Marianne 12-881
  • 18.12 15-1303172 Daughter of Devon x Juna ( Line Red Jacobs Limo Yung Safier Orion Black Gold )
  • 18.37 17-1715262 From Son Brenda x Late Blue Manikandan Nachiappan x Celine
  • 19.12 15-1303254 Daughter Red Thunder x hen Jelle Jellema
  • 19.30 15-1303173 From son Young Barcelona x daughter Red Thunder x Red Annie
  • 21.18 17-1715243 Son of the Veens blue x Red Abbey
  • 06.26 17-1715231 Grandson Red Jacobs Limoosje x Jacob hen ( daughter Isa )
  • 06.34 14-1540442 daughter Red Abbey x Annie (granddaughter Rooie Jacobs)
Agnes my 1st of Periqueux

Agnes my 1st of Periqueux

This great hen takes its name because it is in 2017 my 1st yearling was on lead heavy Agen after a week basket. She WINS so far 5 prices of 5 x basketting

For family tree Agnes click here

Rash NPO Afd 9

26e 27th 31st 37th 79th 96th 123rd 140e 170th 186th 282nd 310th 314th against 1258 pigeons (13/23)

Youitslag national sector 3

69e 71st 79th 92nd 196th 243rd 303rd 654e against 344th 409th 440th specialty 2888 pigeons (11/23)

Rash national rural sector 1-2-3-4

281e 792e 1361e 1641e 1783e 284th 320e 365th 963e 1180th 2724e against 13.348 pigeons (11/23)

Dirkje my 2nd pigeon

Dirkje my 2nd pigeon

Dirkje is and summer young at 2015 and was only in 2017 for the first time played and flying his 5th Prize of 5 x play them performs pieces now under these heavy conditions present 3 x price in 4 weeks time oa on Dax Marseille and now on Periqueux

For family tree Dirkje click here

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