Orange 2016

Orange 15-7-2016

On Tuesday 12 July there are 14 pigeons basketed for the 4th overnight flight this team exists 9 old and 5 yearlings most sit on 5a 6 days boy

936 km discharge time: 07.15 hours
Wind direction: NW later Zw Temp: 22 º C

Registration's list drawn.

  • 1e Get 09-1762972 Loëna Villaflor (Jaco 083 ) x Gebr Lao
  • 2e Get Paulien = daughter Benjamin x daughter black gold

Arrival times:

  • 08.51 09-1762972 Loëna Villaflor (Jaco 083 ) x Gebr Lao
  • 09.04 13-1736301 From son Caballero Villaflor Giant x Annie ( daughter Black Beauty)
  • 09.13 15-1303141 From son Rooie Jacobs x daughter Red diamandje 14-068
  • 09.15 15-1303172 daughter of Devon x Juna
  • 09.39 14-1540441 daughter Red Abbey x Annie (granddaughter Rooie Jacobs)
  • 09.55 14-1741601 The Veense Argus daughter Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor
  • 10.09 12-1164320 granddaughter of the Vale

Orange is like previous years again an awkward flight on the day of discharge to a pigeon clocks only a 10 many pigeon knew on the day of discharge to come home. Itself should I wait to almost 9 am the next morning but if number 1 There is also easy by then they fall. And then sit there an hour in good time 7/14 in the clock all these win a nice price 1/10. It occurred to me that much of this damage came home as my pigeons 1e my pigeon 1e get Leona and my 4e Pigeon

Rash NPO Afd 9

70e 76e 80e 85e 102e 117e 129 against 1272 pigeons ( 7/14 )

Results National

171e 206e 223e 231e 288e 337e 370e against 3861 pigeons ( 7/14)

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