Cahors 2016

Cahors 29-7-2016

On Tuesday 26 July there are 9 pigeons basketed for the 6th overnight flight this team exists 4 old and 5 yearlings most sit on 5a 6 days boy and 1 weeduw hen

995 km discharge time: 14.00 hours
Wind direction: ZW 3 Temp: 22 º C

Registration's list drawn.

  • 1e Get 13-1736371 Paluk granddaughter Red Jacobs x Black Gold/Sapphire line Jelle Jellema
  • 2e Get 15-1303159 Son ' Tarzan ' x Jane ( lijnenteelt'De Scam)

Arrival times:

  • 08.37 14-1741601 The Veense Argus daughter Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor
  • 13.04 14-1540445
  • 13.14 15-1303159 Son ' Tarzan ' x Jane ( lijnenteelt'De Scam)
  • 13.51 15-1303173 From son Young Barcelona x daughter Red thunder x Rooie Annie
  • 14.47 15-1303206 Son Red Jacobs x daughter John III

The Veense Blue 14-1741601
daughter Cabal Giant G & J Villaflor 5e NPO Cahors 1621duiven 14e National 4407 pigeons

The Veense Blue was 2 been there for weeks still to Orange where she still a nice price 1/10 picked up. Because his cock was still to be achieved should she continue as weeduw hen. It was played with her and every night after training she was just another cock That has her so apparently motivated to a handsome price to play 08.26 She fell on the valve and then on the Loft After sit long is finally found to 08.37. Interestingly, my 1e and 2e drawn both damages came home Happy they are there again

Rash NPO Afd 9

5e 110e 132e 199e 331e against 1621 pigeons ( 5/9)

Results National

14e 363e 415e 610e 919e against 4407 pigeons (5/9)

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