Perpignan Monday 29 July

By the uncertainty what nowadays is at the NPO afternoon now than discharges but chosen for certain. That is why on Monday 30 July 20 basketted pigeons for the last flight of this year ZLU Perpignan. This team consists only of old birds. This sit on a nest State of fresh eggs to boy a day or 7 to a large young at 3 (a) 4 weeks

1130 km discharge time: 07.15 hours
Wind direction: N0 Temp: 20 t/m 38 º C


Registration's list :

  1. 10-1200440 Daughter of The Scam x 09-955 (inbred black gold Jelle Jellema x inbred 1336) 09.23
  2. 09-2030690 Gerrit line Jo Villaflor
  3. 09-1762954 Caroline. Vict (Jaco 083) x Celine
  4. 10-1200436 Valicia daughter The Vale x Yvonne
  5. 10-1200380 cake young from 2 Gebr. Limburg pigeons
  6. 10-1200448 together grow A Leg x daughter Silver star
  7. 10-1200416 granddaughter Limoosje
  8. 11-1271014 Villaflor ( Jaco 083)x daughter inbreeding Silver star 11.13
  9. 07-1295940 Black Beauty
  10. 09-1765912 daughter Benjamin x Gebr Limburg
  11. 10-1200465 Red Abbey son Red Jacobs x Rooie Mien 09.41
  12. 07-1295907 James Bond
  13. 11-1271045 son The Vale x daughter black gold Jelle Jellema 08.24
  14. 10-1200476 (daughter inbred Safier Jelle Jellema x Diana )
  15. 09-1762946 Zorro son Limoosje x the Marathon
  16. 11-1271009 granddaughter Red Jacobs 06.44
  17. 10-1200495 let young at 2010 from son ( The Scam x Silver star ) x daughter Boerinneke
  18. 10-1221702 bred Hellas Jelle jellema x red Crest ( daughter Red Jacobs x Diana ) 09.58
  19. 11-1271031 Red Diamond = daughter Red Jacobs x ( daughter Orion x Sapphire) Jelle Jellema 11.48
  20. 10-1200373 dusk from son ( The Scam x Silver star ) x daughter Boerinneke Lao

Perpignan became a flight with extreme temperatures. Especially for the pigeons on the East side were a lot heavier because the temperature there was a lot higher than on the west side. Given the wind were the early birds SO therefore on the west side expected. That you could see to the notifications on pipa the pigeons came through the line Antwerp Breda Netherlands within. Unfortunately here on the day of the release no doves by. The next morning at 06.44 was the 11-1271009 granddaughter Red Jacobs as 1st clocked good for a:

  • 3(e) in the registration's Center against 114 pigeons.
  • 10e fondclub Fiante against 531 pigeons
  • 28e fondunie 2000 against 1152 pigeons
  • 204e National ZLU against 4978 pigeons

Some have learned that there is a difference between the afternoon and morning discharge is. Namely the older pigeons that always do well on the afternoon releases the now just wondering let you know on Marseile and Perpignan. And then I that pigeons that did it on the afternoon releases less now all of a sudden my 1st pigeons are on the morning discharges. On Saturday evening were 17/20 at home and 6/20 win there price both in the Zlu as fondunie 2000 (30 % price)

Fondunie 2000

28e 86th 144th 170th 193rd 274th against 1152 pigeons

National Zlu

204e 673e 1185e against 784e 386th 581e 4978 pigeons

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