Bergerac Tuesday 30 July

On Tuesday 30 July there are 28 basketted pigeons for the last afternoon releases this season from Bergerac. This team consists of 4 old and 24 yearlings. This sit on a nest State of fresh eggs to boy a day or 7 to a large young at 3 (a) 4 weeks

956 km discharge time 14.00 hours
Wind direction: Zw Temp: 28 º C

Arrival times :

  1. 09.36 12-1164240 Red Laidy daughter Red Jacobs
  2. 11.49 10-1200442 Rooie Annie granddaughter Red Jacobs
  3. 12.12 10-1200459 Leontien = daughter Marcel x Yolante
  4. 12.13 12-1164291 grandson Red Jacobs
  5. 12.22 07-1295934 Rooie Mien
  6. 12.22 09-1762972 Loëna Villaflor(Jaco 083) x Gebr Lao
  7. 12.44 12-1164323 daughter Benjamin x daughter black gold Jelle Jellema
  8. 12.47 12-1361733 granddaughter Drogba ( Bred by Bass Weijers Groesbeek )
  9. 12.57 12-1164230 line Red Jacobs , Limoosje ,Hellas Jelle jellema
  10. 13.14 12-1164280 son Benjamin x daughter black gold Jelle Jellema
  11. 13.24 12-1164257 bred Hellas Jelle jellema x red Crest ( daughter Red Jacobs x Diana )
  12. 13.26 12-1164286 daughter Black Beauty
  13. 13.36 12-1164269 son of the Marathon x daughter( The Scam x Silver star)


20130803_Bergerac Sector 3

Laidy nl12-1164240 Red

Red Laidy 12-1164240 daughter Red Jacobs 4e Npo Bergerac against 3737 9th National against pigeons. 10327 pigeons

After a day's delay, the birds were Saturday at 14.00 hours discharged. It seemed at first to be a fast flight with overnight arrivals. Sunday morning so was out of the bed and full of surprise there were no nighttime arrivals . After a long wait came to 09.36 of from the East Red Laidy. She was basketed on 10 days boy and that has given her so the motivation to come so early. The 4 old birds who were trying 12.22 all 4 in the clock. Both in the Afd as there will be National 13/28 in classifying the results,a small 50% price. For results registration center: Click here

It was nice to hear that many other lovers also good packed on this flight with descendants of the 1336 x Diana). See references Bergerac


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