Sunday 1 June Brive

What a beautiful flight seemed to be the end for most enthusiasts is a drama. At the moment I write this are here on Sunday evening, about half of the pigeons did not return on their pen. As also on own loft there are at present only 10 by 26 Go back . I think that my pigeons have been not quite top fit in combination with the bad weather conditions where they ended up after the release right in considering the number of what is now gone and the bad fulfilment . Hopefully there these days get some after and we get the whole thing yet again on the ride for St Vincent. Both in the Afd as there will be National 7/26 in classifying the results,a small 30% price. For results registration center:

Arrival 1st ACE pigeon 14.11 son Marcel x Yolante good for a 89th Wet. against more than 7100 pigeons

Arrival times

  1. 14.11 12-1164272 son of Marcel x Yolante
  2. 15.27 12-1164278 from son ( The Scam x Silver star ) x daughter Boerinneke Lao
  3. 16.16 11-1271045 son The Vale x daughter black gold Jelle Jellema
  4. 16.38 12-1164280 son Benjamin x daughter black gold Jelle Jellema
  5. 18.50 10-1200442 Rooie Annie granddaughter Red Jacobs
  6. 19.15 12-1164320 summer young (July 2012) with 5 old pens (Valicia daughter)
  7. 20.13 10-1200470 The young Barcelona = son of The Scam x 09-955 (inbred black gold Jelle Jellema x inbred 1336)
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