Pau 2017

Pau 24-6-2017

On Monday 19 June there are 16 pigeons, basketed for the first flight of ZLU 2017 They are all on a nest modes 5 (a) 6 days boy

1138 km discharge time: 07.35 hours
Wind Direction W3 Temp. 25 degrees

Arrival times:

  • 05.40 11-1271014 Sheri Granddaughter Red Jacobs, Silver star x Jaco 083 Villaflor
  • 06.24 15-1303172 daughter of Devon x Juna ( Line Red Jacobs Limoosje Safier Orion Black Gold )
  • 08.14 14-1540442 daughter Red Abbey x Annie (granddaughter Red Jacobs)
  • 09.02 15-1303180 From son of (Red Thunder x Red Annie) x Paluk is daughter Red Diamandje 11-031

Due to the poor prospects at the customer's site in Pau, the birds were something closer to were brought and them there a day later on Saturday morning in Mont de Marsan discharged. Given my great result on Periqueux I had a lot of confidence in my pigeons which I had but unfortunately it went quite different than expected. The bad weather delayed food ,especially on the East side of the line Eindhoven Netherlands Utrecht Zwolle sat on the evening of arrival shut tight, with many (MOT) rain and very poor visibility. The following morning it was again showing grizzled with rain but suddenly to something about half 6 Sheri fell on the valve. Later in the day after the dryer and the weather got better they came further easy home. Eventually play there but a few pigeons in the tail on the rural rash Not too bad but it is no different!!!!!!

Rash ZLU National

770e against 3526 pigeons (1/16)

Result international

1862e 2642e against 11.285 pigeons (2/16)

Result international hens

352e 506e 711e against 3015 pigeons (3/9)

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